Yachting Club of America

"A Membership Organization Dedicated to the Advancement of Yachting"The Yachting Club of America was founded in 1963 as the first National Association of Yachtsmen and Yacht Clubs. The founding principles set forth by the Board of Governors and Founding Members, including John Wayne, were designed " to serve the advancement of Yachting."

The Yachting Club of America is also publisher of reference books for the yachting fraternity, most notably the annual "Register of American Yacht Clubs" the Reciprocity Guide and "The Oldest Existing Yacht Club Register in America." The Yachting Club of America represents over 300,000 members of YCA registered Yacht & Sailing Clubs in America.

The Yachting Club of America is recognized by Embassies throughout the world and are helpful to YCA members. YCA membership includes Yacht & Sailing Clubs throughout America. Over 700 YCA Registered Yacht & Sailing Clubs

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